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Happy Holidays, LJ!

I've pretty much moved over to FBook and Twitter now, and only come back here when spammers post inane comments on ancient entries. Which is sad. But I miss you guys! I'll see about popping in more often, but no promises.

Promises are what kill entire AU fics. :|
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On tonight's episode of LOST:

<mr911> You realize the conclusion to this show is going to be "Rocks fall. Everybody dies."
<JohnnyCanuck> Nope
<JohnnyCanuck> It's gonna be:
<JohnnyCanuck> "Rocks fall,
<JohnnyCanuck> "Everybody lives."
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An Update Wherein I Beg For Assistance

Hey guys, I need some advice. About three years ago, I built a PC, and it's been great for my purposes. I'm not running the latest games on it, and I don't have a great budget for building a new one until next year. Thus, I've kinda been adding on to it and repairing it as necessary.

I'd noticed for the past year now that if it stayed off for a while, it had a hard time booting into Windows, unless I went and chose "use last known good configuration" in the boot menu. That told me I was probably having some kind of driver issues, or maybe even hardware problems. I'd put it down to some "value" Kingston memory I'd thrown in it a while back.

Now though, things got a lot worse. The onboard gigabit ethernet stopped working. It lit up, and it knew that there was a working connection, but it wouldn't send or receive any packets. Trying to mess around with it in the device manager caused Windows to lock up, so I finally said "fuck it", wiped, and installed Windows 7 instead of XP. Bad move, because whatever stability it had is now gone. 3/4 of the time, it won't even POST now. when it does POST, it'll drop me off at a boot menu (it won't recognize the hard drives!), or, if it finally gets throuh and loads windows, the gigabit ethernet still won't work. (I got it to stabilize and have everything function exactly once.)

It's looking more and more like my motherboard is giving up the ghost, but I was hoping to get additional troubleshooting tips from everybody here. It may end up being the power supply - could I be overloading it? It's only 450W.

Here's the current configuration:

Things I've already tried:
  • Taking out one set of my mismatched RAM sticks and booting solely with the other, and the reverse
  • Booting with just one of the hard drives connected, then just the other
  • Removing all peripherals for booting, in case of a short
Help, please?